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A Woman's Work

A Woman’s Work is a project that uses photography and digital media to address that deficit through artistic collaboration and exchange across borders, and the co-production of exhibitions, publications and online resources that challenge the dominant view of gender and industry in Europe. The project explores the shifting relationship between home and the workplace, and growth sectors such as the finance industry, media and telecommunications, where women’s work is being re-defined through technological developments and post-globalism.

The Place I Call Home

Feeling ‘at home’ in a place embodies many things - a sense of belonging, familiarity, acceptance, independence, security and prospects. ‘Home’ is a word with a strong emotional resonance, beyond its literal meaning of the ‘place one lives’.

Home is represented by a combination of factors, affinity with the place where one resides, by the proximity of family and friends, by personal and community identity, by how one lives and works, by shared values and experiences.

Diffusion Festival

Diffusion: Cardiff International Festival of Photography is a biennial month-long international festival of photography taking place in Cardiff, Wales' capital city. The festival is initiated and delivered by Ffotogallery in collaboration with a wide range of local, national and international partners and supporters.

Diffusion is a celebration of photography and the photographic image, in all its forms. Whether created, published, exhibited, collected or distributed in a physical or virtual way, the photograph has the power to inspire and provoke reaction, to reflect our own experience and that of society evolving around us.

European Prospects

European Prospects: Visual Explorations in an Undiscovered Continent is a collaborative project which uses photography and contemporary art to examine questions of identity and experience in an enlarged European Union. The core partners are Ffotogallery in Cardiff, Fotosommer Stuttgart, the Lithuanian Photographers Association in Kaunas and Le Château d’Eau in Toulouse. The project offers a new space for European artists and cultural agents to share experience and practice, and achieve wider exposure in Europe for their work. The programme has received financial support from the European Cultural Foundation, The European Union Culture Programme, Wales Arts International, the State Capital Stuttgart and Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden Württemberg.


Dreamtigers is a major new Ffotogallery project in which artists and cultural professionals from India and Wales collaborate around the making and presentation of new work that reflects how creativity, technology and a renewed sense of national identity are shaping the lives of future generations in a globalised society.

Wales in Venice

For Cymru yn Fenis/Wales in Venice 2015 we present ‘…the rest is smoke’ by artist Helen Sear, an official Collateral Event of the 56th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia.

Commissioned by the Arts Council of Wales and curated by Ffotogallery, ‘…the rest is smoke’ comprises a suite of new work conceived for and presented in five discrete spaces within the Santa Maria Ausiliatrice, a church and former convent in the Castello area of Venice.