Dipanwita Saha

Portrait of Dipanwita Saha

Dipanwita Saha is an independent photographer based in Kolkata. Her interest in photography stems from her father. She completed her graduation in Software Engineering. Using personal and subjective modalities in her documentary practice, she explores the complexities of societal frameworks and dynamics of political institutions in contemporary India. Dipanwita's primary areas of interest are history, cultural narratives and socio-political changes. As part of her image-making practice, she likes to deploy the personal voices, metaphorical exploration and abstraction to unravel narratives of people, places and their histories.


Trail of Blood

After the partition, even if the city of Calcutta has been recovering, the sense of discrimination prevails while giving rents to different communities or in some job sectors. Partition still prevails. Since independence many riots have taken place, but the rearmost one is the citizen amendment act conflict that happened in Delhi in 2020. Due to Covid-19 outbreak when patients were asked to self-isolate, a huge clash began at Telinipara, Chandan Nagar, West Bengal, refusing to stay with people from other communities. India is already going under an economic downfall due to the Covid-19 outbreak which is inevitably going to result in famine and with the addition of these clashes, conditions are going to worsen even more.