Ethan Beswick

Portrait of Ethan Beswick

The landscape and its occupiers are intrinsically linked. Our surroundings, both built and natural act as a framework from which we construct our social identity. This relationship between the environment and the people within is the primary focus of my practice. Prior to studying Photojournalism at Swansea College of Art, I trained as a quantity surveyor, which has given me a unique insight into the built environment, architecture, and the impact of materials and processes used to sculpt the world we live in. This fascination drives me to delve deeper into the psychological consequences of urbanisation and globalisation.

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The Fruit Bar Line

For the last five years, Ethan Beswick has been photographing throughout North Wales, compiling a melodious, if ambiguous, response to the Welsh Landscape. Beswick presents unexpected tranquillity and cognitive dissonance to suggest a sense of simultaneous repulsion and affection to the place.

Ultimately, The Fruit Bar Line is a contemplation on Wales, on the people who inhabit it, and on the mechanics of belonging, inadequacy, and desire.