Jack Osborne

Portrait of Jack Osborne

Jack Osborne is a lens-based artist from Cardiff. Inspired initially by the beauty of the natural world as a child, Jack took up photography as a means to capture this beauty. It wasn’t until his teenage years that his keen interest for fashion developed, and he turned the camera towards people instead. As a professional photographer, Jack’s work includes representations of both race and sexuality. Through fashion imagery, Jack aims to spark conversations regarding these topics. He believes that the more dialogue that can be created, the closer we will get to social justice for marginalised communities. Previous work includes his graduate project ‘Us’ and his self-portrait series ‘Project Lockdown’.

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“You can’t become what you can’t accurately see.” -Professor Sarah Lewis, Harvard University

This work is a protest. It flies in the face of today’s polarised politics. There is no ‘us’ and ‘them’. There is only ‘us’. The detailed contrasts between varying individuals are highlighted, whilst simultaneously putting weight on aspects of life we share as individuals. The work aims to act as a microcosm of youth culture across the UK. Carefully considered and specific styles of shooting in each of these pictures aim to create a sense of this reality. As a white man, I see representations of myself in every area of visual culture. In trying to represent individuals who are different to myself, an opportunity is created for a collaborative voice to be heard. Through placing the work within a fashion context as well as a political one, it also speaks to the notorious lack of diversity within this industry.

These photographs celebrate our individuality as people with the aim of bringing us together.