Introduction to Photography: Beginner

Introduction to Photography: Beginner
© Jimmy Man
Introduction to Photography: Beginner
© Dawid Bogon
Introduction to Photography: Beginner
© Kathleen Shelley

A practical course for beginners that takes the guesswork out of producing good photographs. Learn how to get the best results from the manual functions of your camera, and discover what makes a photograph successful by undertaking practical projects, looking at the work of other photographers and applying these skills to producing a portfolio of photographs. Suitable for any digital camera with manual controls or a 35mm SLR.

The aim of this short course is to:

Develop an understanding of camera control and an ability to make photographic images through controlled pre-visualisation. This course will encourage students to develop a knowledge of simple camera equipment and materials alongside a visual literacy that will develop a personal approach to picture making and the ability to critically reflect on the visual and cultural implications that underpin the practice of photography. It will provide practical skills in photographic techniques including exposure control, capturing movement, depth of field, using flash and concepts of composition. Each student will produce an individual photographic project, employing the skills gained and critically reflecting on the results.

The course is accredited by Cardiff Metropolitan University, to the value of 20 Higher Education credits at Level 4. Students who wish to obtain the accreditation must submit a portfolio and workbook at the end of the course and achieve a Pass grade. Submitting work for accreditation is not compulsory.

Dates - 2019

Mondays from 13th May 2019, 6.30-9.30pm (10 weekly sessions) - Michal Iwanowski
Wednesdays from 15th May 2019, 6.30-9.30pm (10 weekly sessions) - Sarah Hayton
Thursdays from 16th May 2019, 6.30-9.30pm (10 weekly sessions) - Michal Iwanowski