Event / 16 Aug 2022

On Your Face Collective Artist Talks

Robert Oros, Alun Davies

**Live at Ffotogallery and Online**

A discussion between 2 photographers based in Wales, whose work responds to the themes of what it is to be queer artists living and working in rural areas of both Wales and Romania.

We’ll explore the importance of documenting encounters in these spaces, whilst also having the inevitable interactions in cities for the purpose of work and connection to larger queer communities.

Oros discusses the exploration of relationships through the lens documenting themes of intimacy, identity and the impact and implications of technology in connecting queer communities in this post pandemic era.

Davies’ focus will explore what it is to return back to live in Wales discovering new queer spaces after living and working in London, viewing and discovering rural areas exploring the the duality of analogue and digital imagery and what it is to be on and offline.

About Artists

Portrait of Robert Oros

Robert Oros

Robert Oros (he/him), born in Romania, is a photographer, video artist and curator based in Cardiff. His artistic practice explores different socio-political themes with an emphasis on minorities, with current projects focusing on the refugee crisis and the LGBTQ+ community. The work observes individual representations during periods of upheaval.

Portrait of Alun Davies

Alun Davies

Alun Davies uses photography and video to document portraits and landscapes of archetypes and architecture of queer bodies in spaces. These marginalised bodies and liminal architectural spaces are Affective Archive's as reconstructions of memory and virtual co-mingling transcending time through empathy and community presented in a virtual 3D space.