Event / 13 Jan 2023

The Female Line with Adeola Dewis

On Friday 13th January 2023 Ffotogallery will be hosting an evening event for The Female Line with guest speaker Adeola Dewis.

Specifically for women of colour, this event will provide and create a safe space for women to develop connections and creative responses to shared concerns, issues and ideas, with an invited speaker to inspire the conversations.

Adeola is an artist and researcher. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, she has keen interests in ritual, folk and indigenous cultural performances. She is particularly drawn to performance aesthetics within the Trinidad Carnival and masquerades and the potential ways in which an understanding of these and other manifestations of emancipatory performances, is relevant to art-making or art presentations for individuals or groups experiencing forms of displacement and social anxiety within the diaspora. Her work engages performances of transformation and explores ways of re-presenting self. Her life and experiences as a mother and Caribbean immigrant has informed aspects of her practice and continue to contribute to the ways in which her work takes shape.

Adeola will be speaking about her journey so far, looking at questions around home, masking and belonging. She will also be leading a creative workshop around mask making.

The Female Line is a space for those who identify as female working in the creative sector to meet, connect and share. Regular in-person events with guest speakers and an online group bring those who identify as female together in Cardiff, South Wales. With specific community groups and events for those who identify as non-binary and women of colour. Delivered by Her Mark. and Cardiff MADE in partnership with Ffotogallery.

This partnership and event is thanks to funding from Arts Council Wales.