Women, War and Peace

Young People Voicing Peace

Inspired by the work of Lee Karen Stow for the ‘Women, war and peace’ exhibition, and linked to the commemorations for the WW1, students from six secondary schools were asked to look at the ways in which people in Wales has responded to war and searched for peace and in the last 100 years. The students were produced short films or digital stories, from history (the war effort, conscientious objection to military recruitment) to current affairs (women’s rights, the refugee crisis). The students worked closely with Ffotogallery tutor Michal Iwanowski and Wales for Peace Learning Coordinator Jane Harries, exercising their research skills, image making skills, and finally editing skills. In total, 23 diverse and exciting films have been produced, showcasing the students’ creative and often innovative approach to their chosen topics.

These films will be kept permanently on the Wales for Peace ‘peace map’, and will form the basis of the Wales for Peace/National Assembly schools conference in September.

A comprehensive guide to producing your own documentary project.

Photographer Lee Stow, in association with Wales For Peace and Ffotogallery, discusses her experiences from working on ‘Poppies: Women, War, and Peace,’ and shares advice for young photographers who plan to develop a strong and coherent documentary project. Lee’s insights and tips give professional context to our step-by-step practical guide and video.

“Poppies” A comprehensive guide to producing your own documentary project. from Diffusion Festival on Vimeo.