Channel / 11 Feb 2022

Meet the Kickstarters! Ciaran Peacock

Ffotogallery has interviewed each of our Kickstart team members, arranged by fellow Kickstarter Joshua Jones, as they are now leaving us to take the next step in their careers. These blog interviews are a way to celebrate their creativity and hard work, to show them off, and to say thank you for their dedication to Ffotogallery in the time they've been here. If you've been to Diffusion Festival or to any of our exhibitions and events, then you'd have seen their faces welcoming you at the door, pouring drinks or documenting the event.

A bit about yourself:

I am a videographer and artist from Southampton. After I studied a BA in Fine Art at Bath Spa University I moved to Cardiff, where I now have a studio. I’m struggling with creator’s block currently, so I find myself mostly painting nowadays.

What is your job role at Ffotogallery, and what does a normal working day look like for you?

I’m a Digital Producer at Ffotogallery. My normal working day has varied over the past six months, from a lot of practical work in the gallery, such as setting up the gallery, framing work, auditing equipment and frame stock. While installing the work for Diffusion, my main goal was to set up AV for the many pieces of audio and moving image art (as well as de-installing it all after the festival.) There’s also been a lot of creating video content for social media and promotional purposes and liaising with artists.

Have you worked on an exhibition or project that you’re particularly proud of?

My work with Maryam Wahid and Hilary Powel has been a particular high point. I felt like I could really provide my skillset in these artist interview scenarios, and I liked creating types of video content that I hadn’t made before. I think I managed to capture the sincerity of their projects with a visual ‘Fly on the Wall’ approach which I was proud of. I want to be critical of my own work, but I was still pleased that the work I made fit the criteria that was set out for me.

Do you have a favourite memory of working at Ffotogallery?

Although stressful at times, I found Diffusion to be a very fulfilling experience. It truly felt like we were up against the wall with it, and seeing everyone giving 100% towards a single goal gave me the same feeling of satisfaction as if I was working on my own personal projects. Which I know is a very individualistic way to think about a collective project, but hey ho.

I have also been very lucky to work with incredibly like-minded people, whose dedication and skill in their own practices I find very inspiring. Although they might not call me a new friend, I certainly call them one. I will definitely be keeping in touch with the team.

What are your plans after Ffotogallery?

The million-dollar question. What Ffotogallery have done for me is amazing, both in terms of confidence-boosting and logistically. It’s given me a great boost to my CV and skills. I’m now looking for work, and I have already started the process of applying to different roles. However, I am not kidding myself with how difficult it’s going to be to find a role similar to the one Ffotogallery has offered me.

A potential MA is in the works, but with how things are turning out with the pandemic I doubt this will happen this year. I’m just going to keep putting myself out there, use the network that I have built up, and try to land a permanent role.

Also, I need to make more things, truly I am the living stereotype of the artist only by name.