Channel / 2 May 2018

Meet the Team - Marc Arkless

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Born in Pen - Coed south Wales, attended Hornsey College of Art and Swansea College of Art, graduating in 1983. First exhibited at the Photographers Corridor, Cardiff University, organised by The Ffotogallery in 1982. Departmental photographer at Cardiff University Department of Earth Sciences 1987-89. Began working for Ffotogallery in 1991.

What is your role at Ffotogallery and what does this involve?

I am the Exhibitions Manager, I work with the director and the exhibiting artist to oversee the presentation of the exhibitions, find solutions to any technical matters and to make sure the pictures are not wonky (hopefully!)

What inspired you to work in the arts?

I liked woodwork and metalwork in school and went on to be one of the first group of students to take the then new Design Craft and Technology course at A level. Mr John Peters my teacher inspired me, he was into modernism and introduced me to the work of the Bauhaus.

Have you got a favourite project or exhibition you’ve been involved with at Ffotogallery?

There are many great projects I’ve been involved with over the years but there are two which always spring to mind, Pentti Sammallahti's journey through Wales and Joseph Koudelka's Reconnaissance. I was lucky enough to spend time on the road with both artists, even going underground at Tower Colliery with Koudelka at the invitation of Tyrone O’Sullivan.

Tell me a fun fact about yourself

I once had lunch with Richard Branson.